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Puppy Foundation Program

Imagine a puppy who has sidestepped all the behavior problems typically associated with adding a new puppy to your family.


After the Puppy Foundation Program, your puppy will sit automatically when they want to be cuddled or picked up. They will rest comfortably and quietly in a crate. They will know where it's okay to put their teeth and where it's NOT okay, will 
naturally pay attention to you, and will know where to potty. Because they began safe socialization at an appropriate age, they will be unfazed by the sights and sounds of the world around them like doorbells, vacuum cleaners, cars, bicycles and people.
We also have our Perfect Puppy Program for those who wish to go further with their puppy's training. 

Who's Eligible: The Puppy Foundation program is designed for puppies to begin before 12 weeks of age.

Course Length: Four 1-hour sessions to be completed within a 5-week period

Cost: $440

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