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Perfect Puppy Program

Has it been a while since you've had a puppy or are you simply hoping to do things differently with your new puppy? The Perfect Puppy Program includes all of the features of our Puppy Foundation Program and adds in skills and obedience that are relevant to real life.


It IS possible to have a puppy that does not beg for food, is happy to be groomed, is confident walking into the veterinary office, rides comfortably in the car and walks calmly on a loose leash! This program will teach you how to get your dog to sit, down, stay, come and walk on a loose leash. We also show your puppy how to leave an item on the floor without picking it up, how to give up a toy a treat on request, how to politely greet people and dogs in your home and on walks and more!

Who's Eligible: The Perfect Puppy Program is designed for puppies to begin before
reaching 12 weeks of age.

Course Length: Seven 1-hour sessions to be completed within an 8-week period.

Cost: $600

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