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All-Star Adult Dog Program

Adult dogs are just as capable of learning as puppies, so we have a program designed especially for dogs over 6 months old. Whether you've had your dog from puppyhood and are just now ready to start a training program, or you've recently added an adult dog to your family, this is the program for you.


Each family and dog is unique, and your goals might differ from your friends and neighbors, so the All-Star Adult Dog program is customized especially for your family and dog from the very beginning. After an initial assessment, we put together a program to address any issues you might be experiencing and establish short-term and long-term goals. If leash walking is your number one concern, that will be on the top of our goals list. Maybe it's getting your dog comfortable riding in the car and traveling with you, or building confidence in a shy dog, or finding creative ways to exercise your pooch - we can help!

Who's Eligible: The All-Star Adult Dog Program is specifically designed for dogs that are 6 months of age or older.

Course Length: Seven 1-hour sessions to be completed within an 8-week period

Cost: $600

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