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Lively Litter Program

What a puppy experiences from birth through the first twelve weeks of age has the potential to shape its life forever, so we've developed a program especially for breeders and rescues/shelters that raise puppies from birth.


The feedback we have received from families living with dogs who went through this program has been stellar, telling us their puppy was easy to train, calm, confident, social and fearless! You will be provided with a weekly guide for exercises, handling routines, training games and safe socialization protocols from birth through 12 weeks.

We can also arrange puppy temperament testing and assist in family screening and puppy placement.

Who's Eligible: Breeders and Rescues or Shelters who raise puppies from birth.

Course Length: The Lively Litter program can be customized for 8-12 weeks in length depending on when puppies will be placed.

Cost: Cost for this program varies on program length and services requested, so please call our office to discuss your goals.

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