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FITPAWS Canine Fitness Program

Exercise is one component of quality dog care, but walking on a leash is just one way to meet this need. Our FitPAWS program is one of our most popular services, teaching owners interesting ways to spice up their fitness routine for family pets and can also be part of a safe socialization program for puppies.  


Using a slew of exercise tools designed specifically for dogs, we are able to help build your dogs strength, flexibility and endurance in a way that is fun for everyone! We can even teach you how to modify the exercises to continue to program in your own home. FitPAWS classes are customized so any dog who has been cleared by their veterinarian for regular activity can participate - from litters of puppies to seniors. We have worked with dogs that participate in competitive agility, dock diving and lure coursing as well as dogs who are on a mission to lose a little weight. 

Who's Eligible: Dogs of any age with a veterinarian's release for regular activity and exercise. If your dog has suffered an injury or undergone surgery, you will need to provide a letter from your dog's veterinarian stating they are cleared for normal activity.

Course Length: Each session is a private 30-minute lesson in our facility. Most FitPAWS students come weekly, but any schedule can be accommodated - every other week, twice a week, once a month, etc.

Cost: Single sessions are $45. Packages of 6 sessions are $240.

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